Visa to Turkmenistan

Do I need a visa to enter Turkmenistan and visit Ashgabat 2017 Games?

YES, a visa is required for all foreigners travelling to Turkmenistan, including those who is travelling in relation to Ashgabat 2017 Games.

Visa – is the official document providing legal origin to foreigners and stateless persons:

  • For entrance to the country;
  • For temporarily staying in the country during the period stated in their visas;
  • For leaving the country during the same period stated in their visas.

Please, be aware that it is ticket purchasers’ own responsibility to check all Visa related information before traveling to Turkmenistan in relation to the Ashgabat 2017 Games. In case of any doubt after reading all Ashgabat 2017 Visa information please contact the Embassy of Turkmenistan responsible for your country of residence.

How to get a visa to Turkmenistan?

Visa to Turkmenistan can be issued to foreign citizens by diplomatic representatives, consular establishments of Turkmenistan in the foreign states or in Consular department of the international airport of Ashgabat city and also at the border on the basis of visa support (letter of invitation - LOI) arranged by local travel agency.

Letter of invitation (LOI) can be issued only by Turkmenistan Migration Service at request of the travel agency. Letter of invitation proceedings take 2-3 weeks. The full list of local travel agencies who can assist with visa issue process can be found here.

Foreigners should acknowledge and accept that the grant of a visa to enter Turkmenistan is subject to the relevant legislation of Turkmenistan and the discretionary rights and powers of Turkmenistan and for this reason, the ticket purchase confirmation or tickets to the Ashgabat 2017 Games does not guarantee issuance of a visa and Ashgabat 2017 or other relevant entities/authorities shall not in any case be liable for the non-issuance of a visa or prohibition of entering into the territory of Turkmenistan.

For more details on this, please check the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the official website of the Tourism Committee of Turkmenistan.

Which documents required to get letter of invitation to Turkmenistan?

Letter of invitation (LOI) can be issued only by Turkmenistan Migration Service at request of the travel agency. Letter of invitation proceedings take 2-3 weeks.

The information requirements to start the proceedings:

  • good quality colored passport scanned copy (.jpg)
  • scanned copy of passport-size color photo of 5x6 cm, against a white background (.jpg);
  • a completed application form;
  • confirmed itinerary & period of stay in the country. Accommodation in a hotel during the whole stay in Turkmenistan is obligatory.

Traveller should inform the travel agency about date of arrival (and flight No.) and entry border (land, sea, airport) minimum 2 weeks prior the arrival.

Visa should be registered upon arrival within 3 days by the travel agency. Tourists need 2 color pictures with them for registration.

While travelling around Turkmenistan tourists should be accompanied by the guide from travel agency. All the expenses are at traveller’s expenses.

Who can assist to get letter of invitation to Turkmenistan?

Check here the list of travel agencies of Turkmenistan who can provide with visa support and travel services to plan your trip to Turkmenistan.

How much is the visa fee?

The fee for granting a visa has to be paid in cash on arrival. Fees may vary based on bilateral treaties between Turkmenistan and the country of origin.

List of Turkmen travel agencies for visa support

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