Ticket Sales

How many tickets will be available for sale?

Over 700,000 will be available for 200 sessions, including 21 sports and Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

In which venues will sport competitions take place?

A list of confirmed venues can be found on the website

Where can I find the sport competition schedule?

The sport competition schedule is available on the website

Ticket Prices

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices for sport competitions are 7 and 10 TMT. For ceremonies ticket prices are 50, 70, 100, and 500 TMT.

The number of price categories offered per sport depend on the configuration and capacity of each venue.

Sport Venue Category Prices (TMT)
3x3 Basketball 3x3 Basketball Arena 7
Belt Wrestling Main Indoor Arena 10 7
Billiard Sports Billiard Sports Arena  7
Bowling Bowling Centre 7
Chess Chess Arena 7
Track Cycling Velodrome 7
DanceSport Taekwondo DanceSport Arena 10
Equestrian Jumping Equestrian Centre 10
Futsal Multifunctional Sport Venue Pitch 1 10 7
Multifunctional Sport Venue Pitch 2 7
Indoor Athletics Indoor Athletics Arena 7
Indoor Tennis Indoor Tennis Centre 7
Ju Jitsu Martial Arts Arena 7
Kickboxing Muaythai Kickboxing Arena 7
Kurash Martial Arts Arena  7
Muaythai Muaythai Kickboxing Arena 7
Sambo Martial Arts Arena  10
Short Course Swimming Aquatics Centre 7
Taekwondo Taekwondo DanceSport Arena 7
Traditional Wrestling Main Indoor Arena 10 7
Weightlifting Weightlifting Arena 10
Wrestling Main Indoor Arena 10 7
Opening and Closing Ceremonies Ashgabat Olympic Stadium 100 70 50 500

What do the different seating price categories (A, B, C or VIP) mean?

Price categories are an indication of seat locations inside the venues. Most of the venues will have only one price category.

The number of price categories offered per sport depend on the configuration and capacity of each venue. Category A represents the best seats in a venue with the highest price. Category B the second highest price, and so on. All price categories for venues are indicated on seating maps, which can be found here.

Will there be any extra charges, or taxes added to the purchase of tickets?

No extra fees will be applied other than the price indicated on your ticket.

Will any free tickets be available?

Complimentary tickets (free of charge) will be available for:

  • Children under 14 years of age for all sport competitions.
  • Spectators with accessibility needs and their companion for all sport competitions.

Complimentary tickets for children or spectators with accessibility needs are available at all Ticket Sales Points from 29 of July.

Below you can see full summary of Ashgabat 2017 pricing structure.

Ticket Sport Competitions Ceremonies
Adults Full price Full price
Children 0-14 years old Free Full price
Accessible / Amenity Free Full price


Are any VIP tickets available?

VIP tickets are available for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. For more information call Ticket Hot Line +993 12 94-88-88

Who will be performing at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies?

It is surprise. You’ll need to be there to find out!

Buying Tickets

When, where and how can I buy tickets?

In Turkmenistan

Tickets will be available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis in our official Ticket Sales Point across the country from 29 July, and in Venue Box Offices during Games time.

Ticket Sales Points locations and operating hours are listed here

To buy tickets at any Ticket Sales Point, you will be required to present the following documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • Valid passports of any other person you wish to buy tickets for
  • Birth certificate of any child under 14 years old, you want to buy tickets for

Outside Turkmenistan

International spectators can buy tickets via our official Authorised Ticket Resellers, a full list of which can be found here.

We recommend that all international buyers have a valid visa for Turkmenistan, before buying tickets. Also, be aware that it is up to Authorised Ticket Reseller to define the refund policy in case if you cannot travel to Turkmenistan.

What form of ID is accepted to buy tickets?
  • Turkmenistan citizens can only buy tickets using an original valid copy of your national passport or birth certificate for individuals under 14 years old.
  • Internationals can buy tickets with any valid ID that includes: photo, full name, date of birth, serial number and that is issued by a foreign Government Authority
Can you buy tickets with copy of passport or photo-copy of my passport?

No, tickets can be only sold upon presenting an original valid copy of above specified documents.

Can I choose my seats upon a ticket purchase?

All the venues will have General Admission seating by sector.

General Admission means that you will not have an allocated seat prior to arrival. Once you arrive in the seating area in venue, you can select a seat for the price category and sector you have purchased.

Early arrival will allow you to occupy the best seat available.

Can I be seated with friends who purchased tickets separately?

Yes, if you buy ticket within the same sector and arrive to venue early to occupy seats next to each other

Will there be a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase for each competition?

Each individual can buy maximum of 30 tickets across all sessions. To allow for fair distribution of tickets in light of high demand, additional ticket sales limitations will be applied to particular competitions. These may vary depending on the type of the event and an expected demand for tickets.

When will I receive my tickets?

You will get your tickets at the Ticket Sales Points at the moment of purchase.

Can someone else buy tickets for me?

Yes, they will need to present the original copy of your valid passport.

What if my tickets get lost/stolen/damaged?

Tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Please note that exposure to water, dirt, heat or sunlight may damage your ticket. Should any part of a ticket become illegible, it may result in the holder being refused admission to the venue and redirected to the Ticket Sales Point to purchase a new ticket.


What payment methods will be accepted?

We will accept the following methods of payment:

  • The following debit/credit card will be accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.
  • Cash payments in TMT only.
I’m foreigner and have other currency bank card. What exchange rate will be applied?

The exchange rate will be the one set by your credit card issuer on the day that payment is processed.

Tickets for children under 14 years old

Do children under 14 years old need tickets?

YES. Everyone requires a ticket

How do I request tickets for children under 14 years old?

For all sport session there will be complimentary tickets for children under 14. Tickets will be available for pick up at any Ticket Sales points. A birth certificate will be required for complimentary ticket collections.

There will be no complimentary tickets for children for Opening and Closing Ceremonies. There are no age restrictions for the Ceremonies although due to loud music and other sound/light effects we highly recommend that children do not to attend the event.

Please note that Ticket Holders under fourteen (14) years old can attend any event only when accompanied by an adult (18+) with a Ticket and a valid Passport.

Ticket refunds

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Once you have purchased tickets it is not possible to exchange, cancel, return, or resell them.

Ticket resale is prohibited and may result in tickets being invalidated.

Can I get a refund if the competition is postponed?

If a competition is postponed or rescheduled, the tickets for such competition shall be valid for the postponed/rescheduled competition.

If a competition is postponed or rescheduled, ticket holders may not apply for a refund up to the start of the postponed or rescheduled competition.

Can I get a refund if the competition is cancelled?

If a competition is cancelled, the ticket holders may apply for a refund in accordance with the refund policy, which can be found in here.


Will tickets be available for spectators with accessibility needs?

Ashgabat 2017 supports the principle of equal opportunities and access for all and the provision of tickets does not discriminate against spectators with impairments.

For all sporting competitions (except for Opening and Closing Ceremonies), there will be complimentary tickets available for spectators with accessibility needs and one companion. Complimentary tickets will be available at all Ticket Sales Points.

Spectators with accessibility needs will be seated in an accessible seating area or provided with a wheelchair space (subject to availability).

Spectators will be required to provide a special medical ID certificate to collect complimentary tickets and to enter the venue. If unable to provide appropriate eligibility documentation for the complimentary ticket, spectators will be refused entry to the venue and be redirected to the Ticket Sales Points to purchase a full price ticket.

If more than one companion ticket is required, full price will be applied for additional companions.

Will there be accessible seating available for people who use wheelchairs?

The number of wheelchair spaces and accessible seats will vary from venue to venue, and the earlier we can have your requests, the better.

I am a person who uses a wheelchair. Will my family be able to sit next to me?

We will do our best to allocate seats next to the accessibility areas in venues. However, this may not always be possible and is subject to availability.

To get more information on accessible and/or companion tickets, please send a request to tickets@ashgabat2017.com and we will consider your requirements. Seats are subject to availability.

Additional information

I’ve seen tickets for sale on another website. Are they eligible?

Tickets purchased anywhere else but the Ashgabat 2017 Ticket Sales Points and the Authorized Ticket Resellers will not be valid.

Should you have any suspicions about illegal ticket sales activity, please contact us at tickets@ashgabat2017.com

Please note that we are not responsible for the processing, customer service or fulfilment of unauthorized ticket sales. You are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets from Ashgabat 2017 official Ticket Sales Channels only.

Can I use tickets to promote or market my business or as prizes in a raffle, competition, contest or sweepstake for my charity, club or business?

Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotion, auctions, fundraising or marketing purposes (including competitions, contests and sweepstakes). Please see the Ashgabat 2017 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use.

Ticketing Contacts

Email Contacts

The Ashgabat 2017 Ticketing team is reachable via email at tickets@ashgabat2017.com from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

Phone Contacts

For additional assistance and information, you may dial short number +993-12-94-8888 – Ticketing Hot Line.

Calls are free of charge from all landlines. For calls from mobile operators in Turkmenistan and other regions regular rates are applicable.

For all queries from abroad please call +993-12-94-8888

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