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Kickboxing through the eyes of the country’s best art students

29 April, 2017 (16:00)
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Arty teenagers compete from the stands

As kickboxers from several Asian nations battled it out on the ring and tatami mats at the Martial Arts Arena, a different kind of competition — involving far gentler arts — was raging on the sidelines on Saturday.

Young Turkmen artists watched the competition unfurl in the arena in the Ashgabat Olympic Complex and tried their best to recreate those scenes on paper. While they each followed different styles, all of their creations were inspirational.

Ogulnabat Kosayewa, who works at the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and is in charge of the competition, explained the artistic competition: “This is a first-of-its-kind contest organised by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan to celebrate the Inspiring Ashgabat Test Series. Students each from Turkmenistan’s five provinces — Ahal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary, in addition to Ashgabat City — took part in it. Each of them were selected by holding other regional events, so they’re the best our country has to offer.”

“They were given a free hand in choosing what they wanted to draw. It could either be scenes from the kickboxing event itself, or it could be the pure joy of the spectators. They could also choose what style they wanted to work in — pencil, pen or water colours.”

Alleyar Nurmetov may only be 17, but he is already the best artist in the Dasoguz province. His intentions in Ashgabat were clear — win the title.

“I’ve always liked the sport of kickboxing. When I heard about this competition, I was really pleased because I could watch my favourite combat sport and also do my thing, which is to draw. I was inspired by the many gold medals my countrymen won here. Now I hope I can do the same in the painting competition.”

18-year-old Ceper Hommadova, champion of the Mary region, said she was excited to be a small part of the Inspiring Ashgabat Test Series.

“Personally, I’ve never seen a kickboxing competition before, so this was a wonderful learning opportunity for me. The venue is amazing and the level of support for Turkmen kickboxers is awesome. It’s been a challenge to capture the competition’s essence on paper, but I really enjoyed trying to do it.”

Be it on the competition arena or outside it, Ashgabat never ceases to truly inspire.

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