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Turkmen Bekdurdyyew defeats his own coach for billiards gold

20 September, 2017 (21:37)
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Ibabekir Bekdurdyyew says an intense training schedule set by the man he defeated in the final was the reason for his brilliant gold medal win, in the Russian Pyramid Free Style Singles.

The Turkmen clinched a 5-1 victory over Yernar Chimbayev, also his coach, at the Billiard Sports Arena on Wednesday.

"I can’t describe it, I am very happy. I trained hard and I achieved my goal. It is really hard to describe it; I am shocked and I can’t describe it," said Bekdurdyyew. 

Knowing his coach so well, helped him to victory, he added.  "It’s his fault – he is guilty. He trained us 10 hours a day and I think he taught us everything so that is how I knew all his secrets."

Chimbayev was surprised at the loss but praised his student. “It is very complicated to explain. It was hard to focus and maybe I was a bit relaxed,” he said.

“I last trained them on 16 September so it was very strange. I was very confident and trained very well before the competition. But I am proud of second place. He was very fast and quick and a very good player and so he won.”


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