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Larger field for Omnium cycling

09 September, 2017 (18:06)
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The number of track cycling athletes that can compete in the men's and women's Omnium events at the Ashgabat 2017 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games has increased from one to two athletes per team (National Olympic Committee/NOC). This decision was taken to ensure a larger field of athletes for this specialist event.

The Omnium is an event for the most versatile endurance riders on the track. It consists of four separate disciplines on a single day, which result in a combined classification. The Omnium kicks off with a Scratch race (7,5km for women and 10km for men), which is followed by a Tempo race (7,5km for women and 10km for men), an elimination race, and a Points race (20km for women and 20km for men). 

During the final Points race riders will start with the points they have accumulated from the first three disciplines. For these three disciplines, each winner will be awarded 40 points, each second place 38 points, each third place 36 points etc. Riders ranked 21st and below will each be awarded 1 point.

Points race
In the Points Race, riders add to, and lose points from their totals based on laps gained and lost, and points won in sprints. Intermediate sprint winners earn 5 points, the second 3, the third 2 points, and the fourth 1 point. In the last sprint these points are doubled. Gaining a lap on the main field is awarded with 20 points and any rider who loses a lap on the main field is deducted with 20 points. 

The men’s and women’s Omnium will be held on 23 September, the final day of the Track Cycling competition at Ashgabat 2017.


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