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Shining First Stars — Meet Amandurdy

06 September, 2017 (11:41)
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The 8,000-strong First Stars are counting down the days to the Opening Ceremony for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games on 17 September, and there will be few prouder people than one young man hoping to play a key role in the host country’s long-term development.

For Amandurdy Hudaynazarov, Ashgabat 2017 will be a chance to practice the skills he says will be so vital for his career in water management.

When the 19 year old graduates from the Turkmen University of Architecture and Construction, he wants to be a water supply engineer. He said he decided at a young age that he wanted to help Turkmenistan secure its water supply.

“Water is life,” he said. “We're living in a desert. If we don't have water, we don't have life.  

“Just image, if you are living in a building, but you don't have water or canalisation. You can't drink the water and you can't use the restroom. It's really useful. That's why I want to work in this field.”

Amandurdy decided to become a First Star two years ago with this in mind. By volunteering, he could get more experience working and interacting with other people. He said that cooperation in the workplace is the key to success.

“When we construct a building, every member of the team does their own thing and if something doesn't work, the team will be destroyed and will be broken,” he said.

“At the Games, we will have to work, speak and help each other. This will be necessary in my future profession because I cannot work alone. We have to work as a team.”

Amandurdy will be a supervisor in the Martial Arts Arena when Ashgabat 2017 gets underway. He will have to answer team leaders' questions and help them to sort out issues they may have with their team members. 

And just how will the teenager from Turkmenabat deal with issues in a fast-paced environment? 

“I will try to be honest and polite with my team leaders,” he said. “I will try to listen to everyone.

“If someone has a problem with their health, their home, I want to be able to understand because I go through the same things. It's very important to listen and understand their problem and to try to come to a solution. It's like a job, real life.”

But, like all of his First Star colleagues, there's another big reason why Amandurdy wanted to be involved.

“I'm proud that I am a citizen of Turkmenistan,” he said. “Proud that I am here and taking part in this event.

“I'm proud that I will see Turkmen win at these Games. That makes me happy. That's the biggest thing that I'm looking forward to in these Games.  I'm proud of my country.”

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