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Shining First Stars — Meet Maksat

02 August, 2017 (11:33)
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When Maksat Yamshikov turns up for volunteers’ duty during the Ashgabat 2017 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, he will be putting the knowledge he acquired from his classroom to good use for an important task at hand.

Maksat, a fourth year student at the Turkmen State Medical University, will assist anti-doping officials with their job of keeping the competition a clean affair. 

“Since I’m studying to become a doctor, I’ve learnt about drugs and its harmful effects on the human body. The knowledge I’ve acquired in class will certainly come in handy while working in the Anti-Doping team for Ashgabat 2017. I’m really happy to be a part of the team because it’s expanded my horizons a lot,” said Maksat.    

“If you ask me, I’ve always loved being a volunteer. Being in the medical field, serving comes quite naturally to us,” he said.

He may be a master of his trade, but anti-doping is not the only volunteering area he has worked in. He recalled his experience from last year’s European Formula One Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“I’ve been a part of all test events held in Turkmenistan so far. But in 2016, when I attended the F1 race in Baku, I was assigned to the information technology team. While it was a different experience, I also made it a point to assist the medical team as that’s always been my area of expertise,” he said.

So what motivates him to become a volunteer? Maksat’s answer was very precise.

“Since I started working as a volunteer, I’ve become a more open and communicable person. My friends say volunteering has changed me for the better. Each time I pull on that volunteer’s uniform, I think about how much better I’ve become as a person and as a leader. It spurs me on,” he said.

“My son is just two and he’s my life. I love volunteer work almost as much as I love spending time with him. Although he may not understand it, he’ll be there to see me work on the sidelines during Ashgabat 2017. It’s going to be a proud moment for me,” he added.

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