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Ashgabat gets ready to welcome region’s best kickboxers

25 April, 2017 (13:52)
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Beginning on Wednesday, almost 300 of the continent’s best kickboxers will match wits at the Martial Arts Arena in the Ashgabat Olympic Complex during the Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO Asia) Championships 2016/17.

Over five days from 26–30 April, 290 combat sportsmen and women from 17 countries will vie for 81 gold medals at the competition, which forms part of the Inspiring Ashgabat Test Event Series for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Competitions will be held in six different combat categories – full contact, low kick (both inside the ring), point fighting, kick light, light contact and musical form style (all on Japanese-style tatami mats).

While 242 men will compete for gold in 55 categories, 48 women are expected to go for the title in 26 events.

WAKO Asia president Nasser Nassiri said he was looking forward to the Asian competition in Ashgabat.

“We were able to bring together 17 countries, which is a good number for a competition of this stature. We already organised the Asian Championships for K-1 competition last year, so continental champions in 81 disciplines, across six kickboxing categories, will be decided in Ashgabat. It’s a huge undertaking.”

Full contact kickboxing

Seen by many as the most exciting event in the competition, full contact kickboxing is fought inside the ring. Fighters use every trick in their arsenal to subdue their opponent using sheer power and strength.

They are allowed to hit each other using punches and kicks and are permitted to strike above the waist and below the ankle and mid-calf. While foot sweeps are permitted, usage of elbows and knees is forbidden.

Low kick

Low kick fights also take place inside the ring, but competitors are restricted to striking the thigh (outside to inside and vice versa) using their shins.

Point fights

Point fights are exactly as the name suggests. The two combatants try to score points by striking at defined areas on the opponent’s body. Only controlled legal techniques can be used to fight, and the emphasis is primarily on a contestant’s speed, agility and focus.

Kick light

Kick light is a form of kickboxing that stands midway between semi kick and low kick kickboxing.

Light contact

Light contact, as the name suggests, is an intermediate stage between semi contact and full contact kickboxing.

Musical form

In musical form, uses oriental martial arts techniques, all to the beat of thumping music, in a fight against an imaginary opponent. It is more of a performance event rather than a combat sport.

Kyrgyzstan’s Aleksei Fedoseev, a former professional kickboxer, his compatriots Musaev Ruslan and Khalilova Shakhriza, Iran’s Iraj Moradi and Amni Hamid, South Korea’s Kil Hyunho and Kazakhstan’s Askat Zhantursynov are some of the top names expected to compete in Turkmenistan.

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