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Qualifying round of Asian Games-2017 determined composition of the national team of Turkmenistan for sport dancing

22 December, 2016 (10:23)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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The qualifying competitions in sport dancing was held at sports complex "Galkynysh". They were aimed at finalizing the national team composition for V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, to be hosted by Turkmenistan in September 2017.  

Participants of the tournament, organized by the State Committee on Sports and National Federation of Dance Sport, were divided into two age categories - juniors, as well as a mixed group - young people and adults.

The winners and prize-winners had been contested in three Latin American disciplines - rumba, cha-cha-cha and jive.

The composition of the Turkmen participants of the upcoming Asian Games 2017 had been already included  Nikita Svetilnik, Maria Korchagina and Anastasia Yuzhakova.

And the present competitions had determined 12 sportsmen more.

In adult goup the duet of Alexander Sisekin and Valery Nepomnyaschaya had won the gold medals. In this pair of A.Sisekin has extensive experience in international contests. For example, in 2014 he won the silver medal at the World Dance Olympiad, hosted by Moscow, Russia.

The second place was awarded to Tahir Shebekov and Daria Gokova, third place -  to duet of Meylis Atamyradov and Lidiya Gogoleva.

Among the juniors gold was won by Redzhepov Ali and Daria Makarkina. The pair of Djhemshit Atamyradov and Angelina Grigoryeva became silver winners and bronze medals were awarded to Ahmad Ibrahimov and Faith Zhilkubaevoy.

The skill level of the Turkmen school dance sport has grown significantly over the last year, said the chief judge of the competition Alexander Novokshonov.

This is the result of great work, which is based on the experience of the leading international instructors, as well as the strong dedication of the athletes, he added.

Theoretical and practical sessions with the sportsmen was led by Natalia Simagina, whose athlets had repeatedly became winners and prize-winners of major competitions in world and European arena.

In February 2017, Turkmen team plans to travel to Belarus, where the training process would follow up by international competitions.

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