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Turkmen National team leads the table of Asian Ju-jitsu Tournament winning 33 medals

11 December, 2016 (14:50)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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Asian Jujitsu Tournament was finished in the Olympic village of Ashgabat. Our sportsmen won 16 medals in the first day of the competition (three gold, four silver and nine bronze medals). During the tournament, Turkmen wrestlers added another 17 medals (three gold, five silver and nine bronze medals) to its collection, having kept the leading positions. 

Thus, on December 10, the medals in «ne-waza» (the partner position) were contested. Our compatriot Angelina Fillpova (up to 55 kg weight caregory) won her team mate Nilufar Muveddinov. Maduna Aydogdiyeva was the bronze winner of the tournament. 

Another silver and bronze medals were won in 49 kg category by our sportsmen Gulbahar Madreymova and Ulyna Kudimova. 

So called “open fights” were held there, where weight category was not counted, and the winner was recognized as an absolute champion of the tournament. Sabina Agajanova and Ogulshat Nurmedova, winning the bronze medals, were the best in Turkmenistan woman team Yasa Rikake from Japan, who won two gold medals in 49 kg weight category an in open fights as well, became the leader of the Asian tournament. Faysal Fahad Ah Alketibi form United Arab Emirates was absolute winner in the man grioup. 

The «duo-show» and «duo-classic» (performance fights with or without the weapons) was held on the final date. Our fighters put two highest awards, three silver and five bronze medals, to the collection of our team. Ahmet and Yusup Tanriberdiyev won the Thailand pair Patiasong – Netppong in the «duo-show» final and silver medal was won by the Patma Hojiyeva – Dmitriy Rus couple. 

Our compatriotsteams of G. Atdayeva – D. Jumadurdiyeva and P. Hojiyeva - A. Yalkapova were twice on the podium winning silver and bronze accordingly. Two bronze medals was won by R. Agayeva - D. Jumadurdiyeva and silver medal by M. Cimmiyev and Ch. Dovletov. 

Thus, Turkmenistan team won the first place in total count with 33 medals. It is followed by Japan team with 5 gold medals and the United Arab Emirates teams with three gold prizes. 

Foreign sportsmen and coaches noted high organizational level of the Asian Tournament, character of referee board and well-organized work of voluntaries. The guests have no doubt that Turkmenistan team will be one of the main competitors during 2017 Asian Games. 

After two months, the Olympic village will again host an international competition, the Central Asian Indoor Track and Field Competition

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