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International basketball competition started in Ashgabat

05 November, 2016 (11:12)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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International man and woman basketball tournament in 3X3 format started at games sports complex of the Olympic complex of Ashgabat. 16 teams participate in the competitions – six from Turkmenistan as well as national teams from Russia, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

There was a quiz game among numerous spectators of the competitions, which winners received prizes from organizers of the tournament, the Executive Committee of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, the State Committee for Sport, Basketball federation and others. After, group competitions have started. 

Turkmenistan – 1 and Ashgabat – 2 teams of the “A” group were the first to play. According to the rules, the match is 10 minutes but the game can be finished ahead of time should one of the teams scores 21 points. This is what happened in start match, Turkmenistan – 1 confidently won Ashgabat – 2 with 21 – 14 score. 

Maxim Otbozin, who scored more than half of points, was the best player of the winning team. He was the one, who made final two-score throw in the match with Turkish team, which our compatriots won with 21:9 score. Owing to this victory, Turkmenistan – 1 team made its way to the semi-final of the games, which would be held on November 6.

The match between Iran and Turkey in “A” group was the most spectacular of the competitions. Most of the game was dominated by Turkish players but for three minutes until the end their competitors took over the initiative and won with 20:16 score. After two losses, Turkish players as well as Ashgabat – 2 team, lost their chances for further competitions. 

Woman team of Turkmenistan, national teams of Azerbaijan from “A” group and Uzbekistan from “B” group made their way to the semi-final beforehand. The rest of the participants of final stage will be defined on November 6. 

During the breaks, there was a show programme for the spectators. Leading players from all teams were offered to try and hit the rim from three-point line as much as possible. The best results was demonstrated by Marina Shalygina from Russia, who scored eight throws of ten. Shakirjan Kurambayev from Kyrgyzstan was the best among men and hit the rim six times.

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