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The President of Turkmenistan held session on Asian Games - 2017

13 October, 2016 (17:16)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held session dedicated to preparation for forthcoming V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017. Number of Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of relative Executive Committee and the State Committee for Sport took part in the session. 

Announcing the agenda, the Leader of the Nation highlighted that recently our country pays great attention to development of sport and tourism, considerable investments are spent for these purposes. Turkmenistan builds numerous profile sport schools and facilities. There is universal Olympic village being built in Ashgabat among them. Turkmen athletes regularly and actively participate in international competitions winning prizes and being awarded with gold medals. 

Having mentioned that not much time left until the beginning of V Asian Games, which are on the important place and of great significance in the sport world, the Head of the State gave floor for report to the participants of the session, having made special stress on such actual aspect as propaganda and highlighting of the forthcoming Asian Games by international mass media. 

First, Chairman of Executive Committee on preparation of V Asian games D. Gulgeldiyev informed on course of preparation to this large sport forum, which would be hosted by Ashgabat next year. 

It was mentioned in the report that according to the request of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, delegation of our country had working visit to Port Villa of Republic of Vanuatu for participation in regular session of the National Olympic Committee of Countries of Oceania General Assembly as well as for discussion of priority directions of cooperation. During the visit, delegation of Turkmenistan made presentation of the Games. 

Participants shared the opinions on the issues related with organization of the Asian Games – 2017. During the meetings, Turkmen delegation proposed placement of information and videos on Asian Games – 2017 on official website of the National Olympic Committees of the countries of Oceania. The proposal was approved by our foreign partners. 

It was also mentioned in the report that Asian Olympic Committee undertakes all measures for popularization of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games via leading international sport TV channels, regular publications in World Olympic Movement magazines and other printing media, for attraction of competent sport reporters to this process, conduct of advertisement campaigns in countries of Oceania, realization of specialized educational events on new sports included to the Games, stimulation of involvement of the NOC of Oceanic counties. Besides, during this year, Asian Olympic Committee made publishing of the materials dedicated to Asian games – 2017 in international press. 

It was informed that work for popularization of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games via mass media is being systematically conducted. All measures for information support around the world of Asian Games – 2017, together in close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are undertaken in this direction. 

For these purposes, work for issue of specialized edition in Turkmen, Russian and English languages and preparation of its pilot sample is carried out; work for creation of the official website of the State Committee for Sport is also undergoing to gether with the State News Agency of Turkmenistan. 

Besides, it was mentioned that measures for development of specific action plan for advertisement and popularization of Asian Games – 2017 prior to the beginning, during the competitions and upon the completion are being implemented. In this relation, relative world practices are being studied. 

After, the Head of the State gave floor to Deputy Chairperson of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Mammedova. The Vice-premier informed on the announcement of international tender for photo and video coverage and live broadcast of Asian Games – 2017 as well as on training of Turkmen specialists in this field and popularization of the Games by mass media. 

Currently, proposals of foreign partners are being studied by intersectional tender committee. The result of international tender are planned to be reviewed during the session of the Organizational Committee of the Asian games – 2017, which would be held in the end of October. 

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers S. Toyliyev gave report on conducted work and fulfilment of assignments given by the Head of the State previously and informed on steadfast measures undertaken for provision of information and advertisement support of the Asian games – 2017 in mass media. 

Summing up the reports, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the necessity for most responsible attitude of mass media personnel to preparation, format and content of informative and other topical materials, in particular to TV programmes broadcasted on national television taking to account ethical, esthetical and educational aspects. In modern realities, the activity of mass media has a great influence on social awareness, formation of harmonic social and cultural environment, upbringing of young generation on deserving positive samples. Having stated that work of national mass media not always meets time demands, the Head of the State expressed his dissatisfaction addressing some leaders. 

Summarizing the outcomes of the session, the Head of the State defined priority targets for relative organization in the context of provision of high organizational level of preparation to Asian Games – 2017, which is summoned to become considerable contribution to further development of international sport movement as well as to play important role in improvement of prestige of national sport in the world arena. 

In this relation, taking into account that not much time left until the beginning of the Games, the Leader of the Nation requested to undertake all necessary measures for their broad popularization by photo and video materials via mass media, having addresses relative instruction to the State Committee for Television, Radio and Cinematography, and ordered to expedite international tender for preparation of Turkmen specialists in this sphere. 

The Head of the State charged the Executive Committee on preparation of V Asian Games to provide high quality communication service to participants and guests during the Games as well as to provide personnel of Executive Committee with free internet access within Olympic village boundaries. 

Along with this, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave instruction to the group of specialists to start working with Internet technologies at the complex of the Olympic village, having given assignment to prevent spreading of invalid information about the Games on the net and provide round-the-clock work of relative Internet site. 

In this context, the Leader of the Nation made special mention that specialist of such level have to be trained at international training centres and that such work has to be started immediately. The head of the State also highlighted that according to the request of the Asian Olympic Council, it is necessary to organize on high level accrediting issues and provide accreditation cards to all participants of the Games, mass media representatives, technical personnel and athletes. 

For testing purposes of facilities of the Olympic village and preparation level of Turkmen sportsmen, the president of Turkmenistan requested to hold international test competitions in powerlifting, kickboxing, swimming, which have to be widely highlighted in mass media.

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