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Turkmen tennis players become the winners of the International Junior Tournament

23 September, 2016 (21:40)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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Successes of Allanur Garryev and Andrew Kashenko achieve in doubles competition, winning the representatives of the Russian in the final match. 

In the first set, our tennis players demonstrate a high pace game, defeating the competers N. Chuev and D. Spasibo with a big score 6:1. When the explicit superiority of the Turkmenistan sportsmen at the beginning of the second set Russian sportsmen are able to win four games with a score - 6: 4. Thus, the account is made even (1: 1), and the game goes on in a tiebreaker. 

In the extra period match are held equal competition. When the score was 8: 8 Russian tennis players’ ball was out twice, ensuring victory to A.Garryev and A.Kaschenko- 10: 8. 

In the female group, the gold medals won the Russian-Kazakh pair - Daria Detkovskaya-Vasilisa Polunova, having been defeated in the final match with a score of 7: 5, 6: 4 tennis players of the team of Russia- Alyona Kubanova and Christina Savvi. 

Today, it was held a semi final singles competition; three of our compatriots are in the group of young men. The most intense is the game between Arslan Orashev and Hadjimyrat Charyev (both from the team of Turkmenistan). During the first set Arslan led, eventually winning his teammate with the score of 6: 0. 

In the second set, H.Charyev changed tactics of the game, having received the initial advantage - 3: 0. But thanks to the clear, curled shots of A.Orashev yet who finished the game in his favor - 6: 4, securing a place in the final. 

In the decisive competition, taking place on September 24, when Arslan Orashev meet the winner of the double competition - Andrei Kashenko that in the second semifinal play who confidently won of Adil Karimov (Uzbekistan) - 6: 1, 6: 1. 

In the final singles competition among girls in the competition for the medals will compete Polina Gubinа (Ukraine) and for the silver medalist of the draw «Ashgabat-Cup-2016" it will compete Yasmina Karimjanova from the team of Uzbekistan.


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