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President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is awarded with gold medal of the Asian Sport Press Association

23 September, 2016 (21:39)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan

President of the Asian Sport Press Association Mohammad Kasym was invited to joint session of Cabinet of Ministers and State Security Council on September 23. He was given a floor for a speech.

Mohammed Kasym mentioned huge successes of our country achieved under the leadership of the Head of the State not only in sport and mass media but also in all spheres of social and economic development. He emphasized that while staying in Ashgabat it allowed him to see with his own eyes that versatile activity of the Turkmen Leader and large-scale reforms are aimed at prosperity of Turkmen people and flourishing of Turkmenistan. The Head of the Asian Sport Press Association said that preservation and augmentation of the national heritage, which was brought by the Turkmen people through the centuries and millenniums. Are the priorities of progressive policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. “You demonstrated the model of careful attitude to priceless heritage of the nation”, - Mohammad Kasym highlighted speaking to the Head of the State. 

As is known, President of Turkmenistan, while being active supporter and propagandist of healthy life style and demonstrating personal example to the compatriots, first of all to the youth, put care of the people and its prosperity among the priorities of the state policy. Considerable investments to formation of modern sport infrastructure indicates the huge attention that the Head of the State pays to development of sport and public physical and health training movement, - the guest mentioned, having expressed the confidence that it would bring generous fruits in the nearest future. It was also mentioned that only economically strong state is able to make considerable investments to upbringing of physically fit and culturally rich young generation. 

Having highly valued the preparation to the Asian Games – 2017, the Head of the Asian Sport Press Association expressed the gratitude to the Turkmen Leader for support and assistance in conduct of media forum dedicated to the day of Sport Journalists of Asia and popularization of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. 

During the forum, representatives of the leading TV and radio channels, printing media, international and regional associations were able to see with their own eyes the scale of activity undertaken in Turkmenistan for development of sport and public physical and health training movement as well as for preparation to the forthcoming continental Games, - the guest continued. We got added evidence that the great attention, paid by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to formation of modern sport infrastructure and training of professional personnel, is a guarantee of successful performances of Turkmen athletes at large international sport competitions, - Mohammad Kasym said. 

Having highlighted the exclusive importance of the forthcoming Games both in increase of prestige of Turkmenistan in the sport world and in popularization of physical training and sport, the Head of the Asian Sport Press Association mentioned that his organization has to introduce achievements of the Turkmen people to the world. The guest also expressed his confidence that Asian games – 2017 would be held at high organizational level and serve to consolidation of friendly relations between the countries and people. 

It is a great honour for me to stay in Turkmenistan, - the guest said. Having informed that the Asian department of the International Sport Press Association made a decision to award gold medal of highest level to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for contribution to development of national sport movement and consolidation of fruitful international cooperation in sport sphere. The Head of Turkmenistan was the first who was awarded with this high prize, - Mohammad Kasym said. 

Under solemn setting and wild applause of the participants, the guest handed over high award and diploma of the Asian Sport Press Association to the President of Turkmenistan and wished him prosperity and further successes in his responsible governmental activity. Having expressed deep gratitude for hospitality given in Turkmenistan, the guest expressed the confidence in further active development of partners’ relation with our country, 

Having cordially thanked the leaders of the Asian Sport Press Union for award of such honourable prize, the Leader of the Nation highlighted that sport is an ambassador of the universe, which unites peoples living in different countries and continents. Turkmenistan carries out huge work for development of sport for the sake of every citizen, the Head of the State said, having noted that such attitude already brings results today. Our compatriots win prizes and are being awarded with medals at international competitions. 

The award of the Asian Sport Press Association is a symbol of recognition of successes of every Turkmen athlete, coach and sport as a whole, - the Leader of the Nation said. Such high award, embodying recognition of achievements of Turkmenistan in international sport movement is a great pride for us, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted, having expressed the confidence that the organization led by Mohammad Kasym would contribute to popularization of V Asian Games.

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