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The best foreign journalists were awarded with prizes of the Asian Sport Press Association

22 September, 2016 (10:47)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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Award ceremony of the prizes instituted by the Asian Sport Press Association to the best foreign journalists contributed to coverage of sport events was held in the conference hall of “Sport” hotel. This action became a logical completion of the media forum dedicated to the Day of Sport Journalists of Asia and popularization of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. 

Members of the Government, heads and leading specialists of large TV and radio channels, magazines, international and regional associations from 29 countries and other took part in the event. 

Opening the ceremony, the Head of Asian Sport Press Association Mohammad Kasim, having appreciated the level of preparation to Asian Games – 2017, expressed his gratitude to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for utmost attention to organization of large-scale continental Games and development of sport of highest achievements and public physical training movement. It was emphasized that the head of the State pays great attention to consolidation of international relations in this sphere including establishment of partnership with leading TV and radio channels of the world. 

It was stated with delight that exhibitions, conferences, special seminars and other events of international format held in Turkmenistan promote the expansion of cooperation in sport field, preparation of highly qualified coaches, athletes, sport journalists, activation of informational exchange.


After, the medal and diplomas was awarded to foreign journalists arrived to Turkmenistan for participation in the media forum. They shared their impressions on Ashgabat and the Olympic complex. Not only highest technological level of its infrastructure but the rates of construction of sport complexes were observed. It was also highlighted that facilities, entered into exploitation, already host first test competitions. 

Numerous participants of international sport media forum were personally convinced in progressiveness of the policy led by the Head of the State, owing to which adherence to high targets of Olympic movement, development and propaganda of sport of high achievements and public physical culture is an important foundation for upbringing of physically fit generations, triumph of principles of healthy life style in the society. 

In the first half of the day, the participants of the media forum dedicated to the Day of Sport Journalists of Asia and popularization of V Asian Indoor and Martial arts games visited National Museum of Turkmen Carpet, which exhibits around 2 thousand items. There are ancient carpets and modern masterpieces of hand made work among them. Special admiration of the journalists was aroused by the giant carpet 300 square meters, which is included in the Guinness World Records Book. 

The foreign guests also visited International equestrian complex of the State Association “Turkmen atlary”, which was awarded by International prize “The Best Enterprise of Intellectual Property” in the last year. The founder of this prestigious award is the World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO), the interstate specialized organization of the UN, which administers number of key international conventions in intellectual property sphere.


The International equestrian complex, one of the largest in the central Asia, became famous not only in Turkmenistan but abroad as well. Skills of ahalteke horses were demonstrated for mass media staff at one of the arenas of the complex. “Galkynys” horse group of Ahalteke equestrian complex also show its performance.

The guests also visited the village named after Aba Annaev, which presents the complex of modern social and living facilities including accommodations for the specialists of International ahalteke equestrian complex and their families. 

The foreign journalists, having appreciated to visit some of the houses, highly evaluated comfort conditions and amenities made for the tenants. 

The guests also noted with delight high level of measures undertaken in Turkmenistan for stimulation and popularization of equestrian sports, preservation and continuation of glorious traditions of ahalteke horse breeding. It was mentioned that grandiose successes including this sphere would be achieved in the country where such large-scale creative work is carried out.


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