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The President of Turkmenistan awarded participants of II World Nomads Games, the Turkmen athletes and «Galkynysh» horse group

20 September, 2016 (14:20)
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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in ceremonial award of Turkmen athletes, winners and prize-holders of II World Nomads Games held in Cholpon- Ata of Republic of Kyrgyzstan. 

The Path of Health, where ceremonial climb along mountain road was organized, became the place for the events on occasion of honouring of our compatriots. 

Representatives of the government corps of the country and foreign guests, the delegates of sport media forum dedicated to the Day of Sport Journalists of Asia held for popularization of forthcoming V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017 in Ashgabat, gathered there. 

During II World Nomads Games, Turkmen sportsmen won 23 medal in four wrestling styles – gyoresh national Turkmen wrestling, alysh belt wrestling, Kazakh and Kyrgyz national wrestling. Totally, there are 15 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals in collection of our athletes. 

Rejepaly Orazaliyev, Zuhra Madraimova, Gulnar Haiytbaeva, Rano Uzakova, Medet Hallygurbanov, Nasiba Surkieva, Shatlyk Jumanazarov, hangeldy Allakov, Gylych Jumaev, and Jepar Atamammedov are among the gold winners. 

The silver to collection of national team was brought by Rano Uzakova and Lachyn Badagliyeva. Batyr Gurbanniyazov, Ylyas Momunov, Maksuda Egemberdiyeva, Serdar Jorakuliyev, medet hallygurbanov and Guvanch Yagmurov won the bronze. 

Along with this, performance of equestrian games group “Galkynysh” of Ahalteke equestrian complex of the President of Turkmenistan was crowned with triumph. This team repeatedly became prize-winner of prestigious circus festivals. Beautiful ahalteke horses and virtuosic skill of fancy riding of Turkmen horsemen made sensation in Cholpon- Ata. 

Making speech at the award ceremony, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said: “The Youth is a future of the Motherland, foundation, proud and hope of the people. We infinitely believe to our youth, put all efforts in order for our young people receive modern education, do sports, grow strong and healthy, patriots of their motherland and that is why we pay utmost attention to physical culture and sport”. 

Under storm of applause of the participants, President of Turkmenistan handed over 30 thousand US dollars of money prize to the Leader of “Galkynysh” group and keys of new automobiles «Toyota Corolla», «Toyota Yaris» and «Kia Cerato» to our distinguished athletes. 

After the ceremony, the Head of the State had a bicycle ride.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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