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Our compatriots at the II World Nomad Games won 16 medals in four kinds of wrestling competitions

08 September, 2016 (19:01)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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II World Nomad Games is completed in the resort town of Cholpon-Ata on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, where Turkmen sportsmen attend it. Our compatriots have won 16 medals in the four kinds of wrestling competitions: nine gold, one silver and six bronze medals.

The competition for ethnic sports consist of falconry, archery, horse racing, and others, take part in nearly 1,000 sportsmen from more than 60 countries.

First on top of the podium stood a representative of the Turkmen team- Redjepaly Orazalyyev, who is out of competition at the tournament for the Turkmen goresh in the weight category of over 100 kilograms. a student from National Institute of Sports and Tourism holds four matches, who are on the way to "gold". At first he beat the representative of Kazakhstan team, followed by his teammate – Annamyrad Myradov, then after him - Kyrgyz Palvan and in the final match he has left no chance to win the Iranian wrestler.

Eight gold medals are won in the alysh competitions by Zuhra Madraimova (60 kg), Gulnar Hayytbayeva (up to 65 kg), Rano Uzakova (up to 70 kg), Nasiba Surkiyeva (up to 75 kg), Shatlyk Jumanazarov (60 kg), Hangeldy Allakov (70 kg) Gylych Djumaev (90 kg) and Djepbar Atamammedov (over 100 kg). "Silver" medal has been won by Lachin Badaglyyeva (up to 55 kg) and "bronze" medal by Maksuda Egemberdyyeva (up to 65 kg). The prizes are awarded to Batyr Gurbannyyazov (60 kg), Ilyas Momunov (up to 70 kg) and Serdar Djorakuliyev (up to 90 kg).

Two third places took our compatriots during the tournament for the Kyrgyz wrestling by Medet Hallygurbanov (66 kg) and Guvanch Yagmurov (up to 84 kg).

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