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Great successes have been achieved by a Turkmen master on ju-jitsu in the competition at world and continental levels

04 August, 2016 (21:18)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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The national team of Turkmenistan at the World Championship in Combat Ju-Jitsu in the Croatian city of Split took second place in the team event. Our athletes won total of 6 medals. The competition gathered the strongest athletes of the world of two dozen countries, including Japan, the Republic of Korea, Congo, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Iran, Turkey and others.

Effective performances of athletes in the category of "full-contact" are considered the most severe kinds of confrontation in combat ju-jitsu. The gold medal in the national team brought Rustam Rozmetov in the weight category 76 kg, in which he snatched victory from his teammate Annageldy Annasahedov, eventually received "silver" medal. Good chances of winning were in Redjepnur Agayev (category 72 kg), but the injury did not allow him to compete and the athlete had to stop by receiving the "silver" medal. Silver medals were also won by our masters combat ju-jitsu Charymurat Annakurbanov (category over 92 kilograms) and Dortkuli Djumayev (84 kilograms).

Our compatriot was present at the event in the capacity of jury is a jury of international category referee Rustam Imamkuliyev. He also demonstrated high quality mastery of the technique of martial arts, taking second place in the "self-defense" category, which requires a great knowledge of ju-jitsu.

Turkmen sportsmen has become successful in their performances at the Asian Championship in beach jujitsu, held in Sri Lanka, in Negombo city, where our athletes have received 22 medals. The championship was attended by athletes from 15 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, India.

In the category of «Ne-Waza» (fight on the ground) among women, representatives of our national team won first place in the team event. "Gold" medal was won by our athletes –Nilufar Muhiddinova (weight category 55 kg), Myahri Akmuradova (62 kg), as well as Govher Atdayeva (70 kg), which also won a bronze medal in the absolute weight categories, and in the open category. "Silver" medal in the category of 45 kilograms brought into the treasury of our team Gulbahar Matremova. "Bronze" medal received Dinara Djumadurdyeva (45 kg), Ulyana Kudinova (49 kg). Our compatriot Leila Kuliyeva won the Cup for the best technique, she also won a bronze medal in the category over 70 kg.

Among men in «Ne-Waza» category "bronze" medal took Turkmen master of ju-jitsu Muhammet Adaev (over 94 kilograms).

Medals were awarded to our athletes and in the category of «No GINe-Waza» (on the ground, without a jacket). "Bronze" medal was won by Kerimberdy Dovletov (62 kg), Yusup Tangryberdiyev (69 kg), Abdylla Babayev, Mekan Nurdjikov (77 kg), Rahat Kurbanov (85 kg), Dovran Muradov (94 kg) .Among women Myahri Akmyradova (70 kg), Govher Atdaeva won silver medals in the category of more than 70 kg.

The «Duo show» category (self-defense), our athletes also won bronze medals. Among men are Muhammet Adaev, Dovlet Kasymov, Ahmed and Yusup Tangryberdiyev, among women are Govher Atdaeva and Dinara Djumadurdiyeva.

The significant contribution of Turkmenistan in the development of this sport sais the fact that our compatriot Ata Adayev. He is President of Asian Federation and Vice-President of World Federation of Combat Jiu-Jitsu, as well as Vice-President of Asian Union of jiu-jitsu and President of Central Asian Federation of Ju-Jitsu " Ne-Waza ». The successes of the Turkmen athletes in the international arena are especially significant considering the fact that the version of «Ne-Waza» of Jiu-Jitsu is included in the list of sports of the Asian Games to be held in 2018 in Jakarta; therefore, our fighters have good prospects.

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