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Turkmen belt wrestlers leads total medal count in Asian championship

28 June, 2016 (23:29)
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan
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Asian belt wrestling championship in “free style” discipline has started in Martial Arts Complex of the capital Olympic complex, where Turkmen fighters proved again their superiority in this sport. Our pal’vans won 27 medals – 12 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze, leading total medal count in first day of the competition.

Number of the final contests were held between only our sportsmen. Specialist were giving first place to twice world champion and gold medal winner of first Asian goresh championship, master of sport of international class Tirkishgeldi Ayazov in the fights up to 62 kilograms, but young and promising Shatlyk Jumanazarov easily conquered his more experienced competitor with 8:2 score. This victory became the application for inclusion of the athlete to national team.

Nasiba Surkieva, the coach of national team, master of sport of international class and simply talented sportswomen were greeted with high enthusiasm by the fans. She became famous for her fights not only in belt wrestling but in judo and sambo as well. It took only five minutes for her to win over Uzbekistan wrestler; first splendid throw put her counterpart on her shoulders. This was third medal of our girl on the current championship. One more gold and bronze medal she conquered in classic and free style goresh contests.

The performances of Turkmen Rozymyrat Medov (68 kg) and Derya Abdiyev (75 kg) who won final fights against Uzbek and Kyrgyz wrestlers would be remembered for long time. It took less than two minutes – in both cases the fight was over by effective throws counted as clear victory by the referees.

First places in national team were taken by Allanur Gochov (57kg), Garmammet Shamammedov (82 kg), Seydi Batyrov (100 kg), Rejepaly Orazaliyev (above 100 kg), Lachyn Badagliyeva (52 kg), Zuhra Madraimova (58 kg), Gulnar Hayitbaeva (63 kg) and Shirin Kubaeva (above 77 kg).

The silver medalists are Malik Annabaev (57 kg), Mekangeldi Berdiev (82 kg), Kerim Gurbanov (90 kg), Zarina Abdyrahmanova (58 kg), Dinara Halliyeva (63 kg), Rano Uzakova (70 kg), Orazgul Seyidova (77 kg) and Maksuda Egemberdiyeva (above 77 kg). The “bronze” was won by Yagshimyrat Annamyradov (75 kg), Hanmuhammet Patdiyev (90 kg), Hoshgeldi Hanayev (100 kg), Vepa Orazmuradov (above 100 kg), Gulfiya Jumaeva (52 kg) and Jahan Muhammedova (77 kg)

The leader of total medal count is known. National team of Uzbekistan occupies seconf place with 9 medals (one gold, three silver, and five bronze). Kyrgyzstan team with one gold, two silver and five bronze medals closes the three of the leaders.

Belt wrestling and Turkmen goresh are included in the programme of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The results of current continental tournament indicates that Turkmenistan national team is in full combat readiness.

On June 29, the last day of championship, prizes in classic style of belt wrestling (corpse throws) in eight men and six women weight categories will be contested.

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