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Turkmen masters of national wrestling goresh took first place in total count during Asian Championship

28 June, 2016 (23:01)
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They won 23 medals where 10 gold, 4 silver and 9 bronze in contends of classic style.

It worth reminding that on previous day, the hosts of test competitions, where 300 athletes from different countries of Asian part of the continent take part, added 25 prizes (12 gold, 10 silver and three bronze medals) to the collection of sport achievements of our country. In the second day of competitions, the number of medals of Turkmenistan national team reached 48 what indicates the convincing superiority of our compatriots.

The closest competitors of Turkmenistan – Kyrgyz wrestlers occupying second stage have 10 medals (two gold, one silver and seven bronze medals). The top three of the strongest was closed by National team of Tajikistan with one gold, 4 silver and one bronze medals.

Many fights today was held between only Turkmen wrestlers. The fight in men group up to 62 kg where twice world champion, master of sport of international class Tirkishgeldi Ayazov met with Isgender Ahyrov became most memorable. Gold prize-winner of international contests made two most splendid and perfect throws, which aroused a storm of applause of spectators. First gold medal from Asian goresh championship is added now to the number of his victories on international sport arena. Our compatriot I. Ashyrov took second place.

Final fight in women group up to 63 kg, where also two Turkmen athletes contested for the gold turned into some kind of re-match. The winner of “free style” discipline Gulnar Haytybaeva met with silver medallist of the same contest Dinara Hallyeva who won the gold. By the results of the fights both girls have one gold and one silver medal each.

Besides, another 8 medals of highest standards was put in collection of sport achievement of the country by Shatlyk Myradov (57 kg), Guvanch Yagmyrov (82 kg), Murgabgeldi Atdaev (90 kg), Shihmurad Durdiyev (100 kg), Jepbar Atamamedov (above 100 kg), Zuhra madraimova (58 kg), Nasiba Surkieva (70 kg) and Jahan Muhammedova (above 70 kg).

The silver prize was won by Shukur Annaesenov (68 kg) and Ayshirin Haidarova (52 kg). The three of prize-winners was closed by Agageldi Tagandurdiyev (57 kg), Sylapberdi Nuriyev (82 kg), Byashim Orazov (75 kg), Toylymyrat Durdymyradov (88 kg) Altymuhammed Yegenov (100 kg), Lachyn Bagdaliyeva (52 kg), Rano Uzakova (70 kg) and Maksud Egemberdiyev (above 70 kg)

The Asian goresh championship where our pal’vans gained deserving victory is completed. On June 28, the competition would be continued by belt wrestling fights. The medals will be contested in 8 men and 5 women weight categories in “free style” discipline. 

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