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Horse run relay race: Balkan province received the horse relay race in honor of the Asian Games 2017

26 June, 2016 (19:40)
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500-day relay race horse in the honor of the Asian Games 2017 received Balkan province. The solemn meeting took place in the Serdar district, near the historical and cultural monument - Parav-bibi, the name of which is associated with many legends.

The first meeting of the equestrian path in honor of the Asian Games 2017, which started on May 5 at the walls of the ancient fortress of Nisa, was held on May 15 at the main gate of the Yzgant village Geoktepe district. Elders, gray-haired women, young people with bread and salt met the horsemen. They were welcomed by the great ancestors of the Turkmen Oguzhan, Gerogly, Chagry Beg, Togrul Beg, Makhtumkuli presented by studio theater artists of Kaahka district. In the Palace of Culture named after Myalikguly Berdymukhammedov was given a great concert. The sports complex of the village held various competitions and national games.

On May 20, in the rays of the rising sun 17 riders with torches and flags of Turkmenistan and the Olympic Council of Asia, participants of 500-day relay horse race came to Derveze village district of Geoktepe.

To meet the horse relay in the sands of the organizers invited the best creative forces around the Ahal province. Artists, dancers and singers presented an interesting musical and ethnographic play, which included folk music performances, exhibitions of folk crafts, folk and game action, as well as treats of national cuisine. The original dance number was dedicated to stockbreeders. Chaban - shepherd and his valiant steed are not just the traditional figures, without them it is impossible to imagine life in the countryside.

May 25 early in the morning of from the sandy expanses of the Central Karakum 17 riders on the "heavenly" horses appeared. Solemnly they moved to the white marble building of Ichoguz railway station, where they were met by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. For some time, it has become a huge stage for joyful celebrations, and its decoration - hospitable, a Turkmen village open to friends, recreated with all the inherent attributes of the traditional way of life.
Guests were met by a sprawling colorful oriental bazaar with improvised workshops of craftsmen and their products - fine carpets, jewelry and ethnic embroidery. Old bakhshi melodies are heard here, heating up the palvan fights and fun national games, craftswomen are embroidering wedding capes, skullcaps, whimsical patterns on dresses, someone weaves a silk fabric or carpet, the other at this time have laid wool on reeds and form the future pattern of felt mats. All this is accompanied by singing, jaunty rhymes, fun amusements.

Equestrian relay continues its journey to Ahal province. May 30 residents of the village Erbent welcomed it. Great concert of masters of art in honor of equestrian path has become a real decoration of the holiday. On the makeshift stage in the open air the best professional, folklore and dance groups, singers Akhal province performed.

After the triumphant march through the sands of the Central Karakum participants of the horse race, organized in honor of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, were met by the residents of Babarap village of  Geoktepe district. In recent years the appearance of the village has changed. There are built of white marble modern gengeshlik buildings, the House of Culture, shopping centers and health centers, schools and kindergartens, as well as "Toy mekany", a sports complex, transport interchange and the bridge on the Ashgabat highway. Proceeding through the elevated bridge, horsemen reached the inbound arched gate with a magnificent sculptural composition of Oguzkhan Turkmen and his sons.

On Babarapa square, where a new administrative center of the Turkmen villages is being formed, dzhigits were met with colorful pageants, artistic groups and children's ensembles. Especially memorable was the performance of forty dutar players, conquering the audience with deep originality of Turkmen folk music and unique sound of dutar and masterly performance.

June 12 the participants of the relay horse race were solemnly welcomed by residents of Baharly district. The meeting took place near the famous underground lake Kovata, where ethnographic Turkmen village with traditional yurtsm, with the old way of life of the Turkmen people was recreated. Since immemorial times, the locals knew about the medicinal properties of the lake. According to legend in Kovata people were miraculously healed from various diseases.

The meeting of dzhigits in the natural surroundings was topped off with art of professional and amateur artists, well-known folklore ensembles. There was also an exhibition of folk art, national handcrafts. The most involved in the celebrations were foreign tourists who were there on tour in Kovata at that time.

The morning of June 16 participants of horse races, organized in honor of the the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, were welcomed by the residents of the city Baharly. Horsemen visited the sanatorium "Yyly suv" and a new sports school. A modern health resort was built at the source, which has unique healing properties. The people call these springs “Yyly suv" - "Hot Water".

Participants of horse relay found the conditions in the new sports school for 350 seats "excellent!”. In the center of it there is a spacious hall for handball, volleyball, basketball, separately located sites for athletic martial arts, boxing and table tennis, a large, well-equipped gym.

Horsemen have appreciated the show of young athletes, which took place on the square in front of the school and the skills of artists and dance groups, which prepared the colorful music and song composition reflecting the national traditions, historical past of the Turkmen people and the new features of the modern era.

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