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National team of Turkmenistan on kickboxing won nine medals – three gold, silver and bronze at the World Cup, which completed in Rimini

07 June, 2016 (11:40)
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Nearly 1800 athletes from more than 30 countries - Russia, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Finland, Hungary and others competed for the trophy. Our compatriots performed in two disciplines of this kind of martial arts – “low-kick” (use of leg to strike the opponent’s lower body) and “full-contact”. 

In the composition of the Turkmen team, on the top stage of podium raised the athletes as: Pygy Silabov, Hudayguly Komekov and Mohammed Altybayev. Silver medals were gained by Agamurat Amangeldyev and brothers Shameret and Shohrat Halliyevs. On third place - Mekan Amanov, Shohrat Yagmyrov and Ramin Kasymov. 

It is very encouraging that at every major international kickboxing competition, theTurkmen sportsmen win a lot of medals in various denominations. For example, in this year, the athletes of the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan and the Chief Coach of the national team Aleksandr Snagovski, in addition to the World Cup in Italy, also distinguished in two tournaments - in Riga (Latvia) and Antalya (Turkey), where in total, they won 13 medals - eight gold, two silver and three bronze. 

And now, their achievements were replenished with nine more awards that confirm once again the high level of Turkmen kickboxing school. It is encouraging, because in next year, the followers of this type of martial arts of our country have to pass the main sports test – to participate in the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games . 

As the chief coach of the national team on kickboxing A. Snagovski told, in next month, the national team of Turkmenistan will leave for training camps. And in September, in Inchon, it will be held the international tournament in the discipline “K-1” - the Japanese version of kickboxing, containing the striking techniques of various types of martial arts – Kyokushinkai, karate, kung fu and Thai boxing.

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