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Charymyrat Annagurbanov has won an beautiful victory in the final on fighting sambo

27 May, 2016 (21:23)
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In the female ending of a weight category till 72 kg there were Zere Bektaskyzy from Kazakhstan and Govher Atdaeva from Turkmenistan. As a result, the victory was gained by Z.Bektaskyzy.

The gold medal in the man's sports version of a weight category till 90 kg was won by Alibek Zekenov (Kazakhstan) which in a final duel has won against Mergena Dzhoraeva from a command of Turkmenistan.

In the final ending for today (fighting version) in a weight category till 100 kg there was Charymyrat Annagurbanov (Turkmenistan) and Zakshylyk Takin (Kyrgyzstan). It was required to the representative of a command of owners of tournament for a prize of only 1,5 minutes, having finished this duel a beautiful throw of the contender through itself.

Tomorrow struggle for medals of the championship of Asia will proceed in the same age groups, but in other weight categories.

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