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It was summed up the Championships of Turkmenistan on swimming, archery, fighting wushu and acrobatics

17 April, 2016 (09:50)
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Swimming Tournament has gathered in the capital Olympic Water Sports Complex nearly 200 participants from Ahal, Mary, Lebap, Dashoguz provinces and Ashgabat. Swimmers competed in three tens of disciplines. The representatives of the Ashgabat team, who have won almost all gold medals, demonstrated the best sports preparation. 

21-year-old master of sports Merdan Atayev made ponderable contribution to the team victory. He could rise four times on the higher step of a podium. The athlete of the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Sergey Yepifanov was out of competition in 50, 100 and 200-meter heats and also in sprint on 50 meters freestyle. 

On the eve of National Championship, M. Atayev has come back from the International Swimming Tournament taken place in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where has won two silver medals. But, the most successful one is his performance at XVII Asian games of 2014 in Inchon (Republic Korea). In the course of it, the student of National Institute of Sports and Tourism reached the final of competitions on swimming backstroke for a distance of 100 meters and established a new national record, having overcome a hundred-meter race within 56.63 seconds. 

Darya Semyenova from Ashgabat, who finished the first in all sprint distances (50, 100 and 200 meters), in discipline “breast stroke” also became the owner of three gold medals. Ezizguly Ballykova (100 and 200 meters freestyle) and Enesh Begmuradova (50 and 100 meters backstroke) won two “gold” each. 

It is particularly worth mentioning the performance of the representative of the capital team Musa Zhalayeva, who won on distance of 1500 meters by freestyle. In his 12 years, he is one of the best swimmers of our country. For example, at aforementioned international tournament in Dubai, M. Zhalayev has won three gold medals on distances 50, 100 and 200 meters by freestyle. 

The victory in national championship has provided for the young sportsman to fulfill the specification of the first adult category: Муsа has swum a distance of 1500 meters within 19 minutes 01 second. 

Current swimming competitions became the selective by which results it will be formed the national team for participation in the International Sport Games “Children of Asia” in Yakutsk (Russia) this summer. Athletes of Turkmenistan also have training preparation for the largest event in the world of sports - the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The main applicants for the title “Olympian” are Merdan Atayev and Darya Semyenova. 

The Archery Championship of Turkmenistan hosted in Ashgabat more than 50 sportsmen. Participants competed for medals in two age groups - under 14 years old and born in 2001 and elder. 

Young sportsmen competed in two disciplines - shooting from classical and compound bows on distances of 12 and 18 meters. The best result was shown by sportsmen from Ahal province and among the girls, participating only in “classical” style, the representatives of Dashoguz were in the lead. 

The National Archery Federation was opened in 2015. This Olympic sport only starts its development in our country and Turkmen archers already try their forces in competitions. On the eve of present competitions, our sportsmen have passed two-week course of training season in the Academy of Archery of Antalya (Turkey). And now, the national team prepares for a premier exit on world sports arena: the International Tournament will take place on May 20-28 in the same Turkish Academy. 

The Wushu Championship of Turkmenistan among men and women was held in administrative centre of Dashoguz province and hosted about 100 best masters of this martial art from all parts of the country. Participants competed for champion titles in two kinds of competitions – taolu (practice component) and sanda (fights). 

In taolu, it has been presented two styles of the Chinese single combat – “nandao” (sword art) and “nanchuan” (fist art). The best plastic and mastery in these disciplines was demonstrated by Juma Garliyev from Turkmenbashi city (Balkan province). 

In competition, the hosts of the Championship – Dashoguz athletes, who have won as a result the first place in team event, were in the lead. They have eight victories. 

The second place was gained by athletes from Ashgabat; they rose on the higher step of a podium five times. One gold award was won by the representative of the national team of Ahal - Selim Orazov. 

Now, Turkmen wushu masters have to prepare for a number of large competitions of the international level planned to be held in autumn of this year. In September in Burgas (Bulgaria) it will be held the World Championship among juniors, and the Asian Championship among men and women will take place in Taipei. 

Participants of Turkmenistan’s Acrobatics Championship defined the strongest in two normative groups – “master of sports” and “the first adult category”, where the first places were won by the capital sportsmen, who are trained under the guidance of the Honored Coach of the country Irina Kruglikova and Natalia Rejepova. 

In present competitions, it was presented new program of acrobatic elements, which should be also demonstrated in the near future at the international sports arena in Switzerland (May) and in Kazakhstan (June).


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