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"Health and Happiness" - The motto of sports month in Turkmenistan

05 April, 2016 (19:27)
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April 5 Turkmenistan launched the baton of mass physical culture and sports, cultural and recreational activities under the motto "Health and happiness", which will be held across the country during the month - until May 5, 2016.

Month marathon opened in Ashgabat and provinces with the participation of employees of ministries and departments, university students.

In the capital, the route for the mass race at greater distance is selected Kopetdag Avenue, a similar marathon on the avenues of provincial centers brought together representatives of labor collectives and youth.

At the initiation of the general population to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise activities is aimed annual conducting of Games "Turkmenistan - the country's health and high spirits," collecting the workers of enterprises and organizations, young students.

During the days of action "Health and Happiness" will be held the final match of the sports competitions. Thus, teams of workers of provinces and Ashgabat will hold on the sports fields of the capital and Akhal playoffs in football, volleyball, handball, tennis, judo, Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, basketball, sambo, anti goresh, boxing.

And the team of universities, primary and secondary vocational schools will determine the winner in the competition in basketball, volleyball, the game "edi top" chess and checkers, swimming, badminton.

6 April in Ashgabat, in a specialized school of chess and checkers will be held conference on the development of the Turkmen sport in light of the preparations at a high level to the V Asian Games indoors and martial arts.

The forthcoming Asian Games in Ashgabat can confidently call another victory, which made our people under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov - the active supporter of a healthy lifestyle and the mastermind of millions of citizens of Turkmenistan to sports. It is thanks to the initiative of the head of state national sports movement develops dynamic pace, fueling the influx of new blood and young talents elite sport. Our athletes achieve brilliant victories in the international arena, and now they face the challenge adequately address the "home" Games. And it's the honor of the whole country - to successfully implement the project "Ashgabat-2017."

One of the sports that is included in the Asian Games program - Thai boxing. From 6 to 8 April in the capital's sports and recreation complex "Galkinish" will be held the championship of Turkmenistan in Thai boxing, which promises to be very spectacular event.

In those days, the country will be held in Turkmenabat championship kurash (4th Sports School). And another championship that starts on April 6 - for kabbadi, will take place in the 4th complex sport school on the Ashgabat city sports committee. It will last to April 9.

From 6 to 10 April at the School of Olympic reserve will be held the championship of Turkmenistan in volleyball among boys born in 1998. 7 April, when the whole country together with the international community will celebrate the World Health Day, we will have another major sporting event - the mass bike ride.

Another re-cycling marathon will unite thousands of people on the avenue in the capital Chandybil roads and avenues in the provincial centers. In honor of this significant date cultural events will take place everywhere, sports, and popular action. Also in the rich program of the day are demonstrations on water sports and figure skating.

Competitive part of the month will continue to Turkmenistan championship in basketball - it will be held April 8-10 at the site of the sports complex of the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after D.Azadi.

Turkmen sport has its roots in sports and mobile entertainments, which were widespread in everyday life. It is in the national system of physical training taking its origins such national sports like goresh, racing and many others - "yaglyga tovusmak" "edi top", etc.

Bright colors and distinctive flavor will make a panorama of the action "Health and happiness" competition Turkmen national games. These competitions will be held at the multifunctional stadium "Ashgabat" on April 9th. At the same time, here, will start the open capital championship in weightlifting among juniors, the winners of which will determine the next day.

Every Sunday of the month will be held mass ascension at the Health Trail. April 10 at sports complex "Ashgabat" will be held the championship of Turkmenistan in sport dancing. This type is also included in the program of V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts, which will be played 10 sets of medals in dance sport in the European and Latin American styles (slow and Viennese waltzes, tango, fast and slow foxtrot, samba, rumba, Dis-cha-cha, jive and paso doble).

In March this year in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan has passed the championship on sports dances, and current championship - the next stage of preparation for the Asian Games. The next serious test on the eve of the Games will be the test for our dancers is the international competition, which is planned to organize in the autumn on the basis of the Ashgabat Olympic Village.

In a series of numerous sports events of the month are meetings in an international format. One of them is a group match of the qualifying tournament for the Cup of the Asian Football Confederation. The Turkmen team "Altyn Asyr" will play against one of the strongest football clubs in the Kingdom of Jordan, "Al-Wihdat". Their previous meeting in Amman ended in a draw and therefore the upcoming April 12 in Ashgabat's match for both teams is of great importance.

10-17 April will be held in Balkanabat Turkmenistan football championship among juniors born in 1999, and from 12 to 15 April in water sports complex "Olympic" will be held the championship of Turkmenistan in swimming.

On April 12-17 assigned matches the third stage of the championship of Turkmenistan among club volleyball league teams. The venue will become a sports school in the village of Kenar city of Turkmenbashi. Best masters in various sport and fans gather as superiority and national championships: Table Tennis - Turkmenabat (13-17 April), Wushu - in Dashoguz (April 14-17), archery - in Ashgabat and traditional karate - in Mary (15-17 April).

In addition, in Turkmenabat Turkmenistan held the championship in athletics among the youth (15-18 April) and the open championship of Lebap province gymnastics (16-17 April).

19-20 April in Ashgabat equestrian center will be an open championship of Turkmenistan Equestrian (Jumping). As you know, this kind of on the proposal of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was introduced along with the struggle goresh in the program of the Asian Games 2017. So for the time remaining until the Games, our riders have to hone your skills to the impeccable technical definition. Traditional horse racing were popular among Turkmen for centuries, but the jumping - a relatively young sport, but the Turkmen horsemen, being by nature jigits unsurpassed, and it demonstrates good results.

Young, but is no longer new to the Turkmen sport is hockey, which gained in our country a lot of popularity in a short time. April 19-20, at the sports complex for winter sports will be held the final meeting of the Turkmen championship in ice hockey. Strongest master skate and stick will be included in the national team, which in the next year for the first time will compete for medals of the Asian Winter Games (they will be held in the Japanese city of Sapporo).

Among the other sporting events of April, which, of course, raise the interest of fans of sports battles, and especially martial arts, - the championship of Turkmenistan on kekushinkay Karate (22-24 April, Dashoguz) and Turkmenistan Cup Taekwondo (the WTF) (23-24 April, Ashgabat ).
Relatively recently in our country began to develop as a sport and bowling. And now, the first championship in bowling Turkmenistan will be held April 22-24 at the multifunctional stadium "Ashgabat".

On April 23 scheduled conference volunteers at the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan, Turkmen volunteers who will serve the V Asian Indoor Games and martial arts, passed the appropriate training received important knowledge and skills in the practical training, acquired invaluable experience, including abroad. Participation of volunteers, and in the stocks "Health and happiness" will help them to work out and strengthen these skills.

On Sunday, April 24, when in Turkmenistan in a big way to celebrate the holiday of Turkmen Horse, performances and competitions on national games and various sports will be held in all the equestrian center of the country.

April 25-27 Open championship of Balkan province for kayaking and canoeing. Venue - artificial river in the national tourist zone "Avaza".

In the last decade of April and will be held the championship of Turkmenistan in basketball among girls born in 1999 - in Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan 1 stage of the championship in handball championship of Turkmenistan and tennis national championship in athletics among juniors - Ashgabat.

On April 29 rally planned route Derveze - Geokdepe, on the same day in Dashoguz Turkmenistan kicks off a national championship in power lifting championship among juniors and major league chess Turkmenistan devoted to the Year of honoring the heritage, the transformation of the Fatherland.

May 2-4, will be held open championship of Mary province on billiards. This year, on the basis of the Ashgabat Olympic Village will be the first international test competitions in this sport, which would be good practice for our billiard players in front of the "home" Asian Games.

May 5, the final day of the event "Health and happiness" scale cycle, held particularly memorable event - will be launched unprecedented move equine reference on the occasion of 500 days remaining until the opening of the V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts. During the launch will be launched and a special clock, counting down the days leading up to the Asian Games-2017.

Turkmenistan unfolded in preparation for the Asian Games in 2017 is of exceptional importance for the development of the country's sports facilities and training of sports administrators. And action "Health and happiness" is designed to give a strong impetus to this work.


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