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The national junior team in freestyle wrestling is being formed to take part in the championships of Asia and the world

15 March, 2016 (11:47)
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In an Advanced Athletic School selection competitions in freestyle wrestling among juniors up to 14 years were held.

In the age group in 2005 birth and younger victory celebrated K.Ataev (weight category up to 24 kg), H.Saparov (up to 26 kg), A.Orazberdiev (up to 28 kg), I.Vepaev (up to 30 kg), A. Hamayun (32 kg) K.Shartaev (up to 34 kg) and D.Hudayberdyev (up to 38 kg).

In the group of youths under 14 years of gold medals won A.Saparov (up to 35 kg), D.Hallyev (up to 38 kg), A.Aymyradov (up to 42 kg), M.Nurmyradov (up to 47 kg), E.Evshanov (up to 53 kg) M.Saparov (59 kg) M.Yuzbashiev (66 kg) and H.Aydogdyev (73 kg).

As the chief judge of the competition, honored coach of Turkmenistan Rashid Rustamov told, the current tournament is only the first step in the selection of promising athletes. Now the winners have to prepare for the national championship among juniors, which will be held next month in Ashgabat. Based exactly on these results the national coaches of the tournament will determine the new composition of the students wrestling capital of sports school "Olympus".

In addition, the national junior contest will help shape the national team of Turkmenistan to participate in the VI International Sports Games "Children of Asia", which will be held from 5 to 17 July in the Russian city of Yakutsk (Sakha Republic). Also this year our young wrestlers to fight for medals summer Asian Championship (Thailand) and the fall of the world championship (Georgia).

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