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Turkmen taekwondo sportsmen will compete for medals at the Asian Championship in Almaty and the World Cup in Italy

15 February, 2016 (19:41)
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In Mary's sports school of judo and sambo national championship medals in taekwondo (version ITF) Championships were played out.

Competitions on Korean martial arts gathered about 200 athletes up to 18 years, representing teams from all provinces and Ashgabat. Participants competed for awards in four disciplines of taekwondo ITF - individual and team thulium (complex exercises), self-defense demonstrations and individual matches.

Best sports training demonstrated Mary sportsmen, which won 16 gold medals. In second place, with a large gap from the leaders - Ashgabat with 5 victories. And closing the top three athletes from the Balkan province - the first 3 places.

According to the results of this championship the national team will form to participate in the Asian Championship among juniors and adults, which will be held 25-30 of March in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Previous victories in the competition of this level give confidence to our compatriots. Among them - the Asian Championship 2014, organized in the capital of Nepal - Kathmandu, where the Turkmen masters of taekwondo won 15 different medals. An important contribution to the success of our team then introduced Mary athlete Orazmyrat Charyev - 5 awards (1 "gold", 3 "silver", and 1 "bronze") in the junior group of participants, which was the best achievement in the competition to provide him with the title of absolute champion of Asia -2014.

Last year, the piggy bank of sporting achievements of Turkmenistan repeatedly replenished with medals won by our fighters in various tournaments of Asian and global levels. In this regard, the organizer countries of these championships have established special prizes for Turkmen taekwondo sportsmen, which is most clearly distinguished in the international sports arena. Among the best - Orazmyrat Charyev (Black Belt, III dan), Goshaniyaz Durdyyev (III dan), Annamyrat Goshaniyazov (II dan) and Gaygysyz Atabaev (II dan), representing Mary School of sport.

At the end of the competition report-back conference of the Federation of Taekwondo ITF Turkmenistan with participation of coaches and top athletes from all regions of the country took place. During the meeting, was elected the new management team of the sports organization, which again is led by an owner of a black belt (I dan) Mered Rozyev.

In addition to the Asian Championship in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan taekwondo masters are to prepare to the world championship among juniors and veterans of this type of martial arts, which will be held in September in the city of Andria (Italy).


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