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Chess players open the score of victories of Turkmen athletes in 2016

20 January, 2016 (19:40)
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Turkmen chess players opened the score of victories of our sportsmen in the world sports arena this year. They won gold and silver medals of the 14th International Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament in New Delhi, India. The representatives of the Ashgabat sports school – Alayar Shirliev, who gained a victory in the U16 age group, and Annagul Abdullaeva, the vice champion in the women’s tournament, showed the best results among the athletes of the national Turkmenistan team.

The tournament brought together over 1,800 chess players from 20 countries, including Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iran, among others. The athletes were split into three groups. The Turkmen sportsmen achieved success in Group C that included a record number of participants: 1,053 chess players competed for the medals in a 10-round Swiss open tournament. 

Participants in the open tournaments are not split in age and gender groups: the matches are held in one mixed group. Therefore, it is very pleasant that our young masters of the ancient intellectual game demonstrated the best results competing with more experienced chess players representing the leading chess powers in the world. 

Alayar Shirliev gained eight convincing victories and lost two games. The victory gained by Ashgabat chess player coached by Honoured Coach of Turkmenistan Aidogdy Atabaev in the U16 age group is significant especially because he is 12 years old and his performance in the tournament in India was a debut on the international arena. 

Annagul Abdullaeva gained seven points: she won six games, drew two games and lost two games. The 16-year-old chess player coached by Honoured Coach of Turkmenistan Serdar Bairamsahatov ranked among the top chess players. She had to gain only o.5 points more to win the first place in the women’s tournament. 

The chess player from Ashgabat participated in the international tournament as a member of the national team at the CIS School Culture and Sports Festival held in the Avaza national tourism zone in 2014. A. Abdullaeva won a gold medal in the team events and a bronze medallist in the individual tournament. 

Due to success achieved, first-grade chess players Alayar Shirliev and Annagul Abdullaeva fulfilled the requirements for a Candidate to Master of Sports. They are planning to prepare for the Turkmenistan Junior Championships, which will take place in February. The top athletes will represent our country in the World Youth Chess Championship that will be held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia in April. 

So, the score of victories of Turkmen athletes on the international sports arena this year is opened. In 2015, Turkmen athletes participated in 162 international competitions, including the World and Asian championships, and won 411 medals, including 143 gold, 98 silver and 170 bronze medals. This is the highest number of medals gained by Turkmen athletes since they started participating in the international sports events.

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