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Another two medals won by Türkmen chess players

22 September, 2015 (21:37)
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Turkmen sportsmen won two medals – silver and bronze - at the International Chess Tournament for the Cup of the five-time champion of the world Nona Gaprindashvili held recently in Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia.

Over 100 chess players from different countries of the world took part in the competitions. The contests were held in the mixed category among men and women. The Turkmen national team was represented only by women, and the silver medal was secured by the master of FIDE Ogulgerek Atabayeva. and the bronze medal -by the Sport Master Candidate Jemal Ovezdurdyeva.

Ogulgerek collected 7 scores out of 9 possible. A student of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan and trainee of Honored Coach of the country Aidogdy Atabayev, she yielded just 0,5 score to the winner of the tournament Lile Koridze of the host team.

The same number of scores (7) was also collected by J.Ovezdurdyeva, who yielded to her compatriot in the contest for silver medal just in the sport factor. One can add to the special achievements of this young but perspective17-year-old sports girl (a promising trainee of the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Shokhrat Myratkuliyev) also her high performance at the country’s championship among the women of high league which was held in Ashgabat in the running year’s June.

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