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ITF Taekwondo: from the national championship - to the Asian championship

09 January, 2014 (21:14)
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Last week, the country’s ITF Taekwondo championship ended in the Turkmen capital. Organized by the State Sports Committee, the Taekwondo Federation of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization, the championship was participated by nearly 120 color and black belt holders from all velayats and Ashgabat.

At present, our sportsmen are preparing for the important competitions – Asian Championship to be held in Nepal in April. The championship of Turkmenistan was one of the key preparation stages for the large international tournament.

Participants of the country’s championship competed for the medals in two styles - kumite (combats) and tuli (a set of exercises). Sportsmen from Mary were the leaders in the second style in the past years. The last year’s country’s championship is a clear evidence of it: Taekwondo masters from the Murgab River valley took the first and second places. At this year’s championship, a sportsman from Mary - O. Charyev, won the first place in the complex of exercises. 

A final duet of female taekwondo masters in the tuli duels is worth of noting. A few minutes before their performance in the complex of exercises, O. Orazova and M. Agaeva competed in kumite (weight category under 51 kg). M. Agaeva won a victory in the persistent combat, but O. Orazova performed better in the complex of exercises. Both of the sportswomen are on the team from Mary velayat.

As for duels, sportsmen from Mary won the largest number of gold medals; sportsmen from Ashgabat had fewer victories; sportsmen from Balkan velayat, who had become more proficient during the past year, did not return home without a gold medal either. 

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