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New medals – a promise of more to come

30 July, 2014 (21:04)
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The performances of Turkmen kick boxers at the competitions of international level are marked with steady high results and different medals, including the gold ones. The International tournament in the city of Aktau (Kazakhstan) was not an exception.

The first place and “the belt of winner” were won by Pygy Silabov (under 54 kg). A trainee of the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Alexander Snagovsky had three splendid battles and confidently defeated the representatives of national team of Kazakhstan. Our compatriot was better than his rivals including the holder of the 2013 World Cup among the juniors, Umar Kazikhanov, whom the perspective Turkmen kick boxer defeated in the final battle and honorably won the main trophy of the competitions - “the belt of winner.”

Silver medal was won by the sportsman who competed in the weight category under 67 kg, Mekan Amanov, who goes in for kickboxing under the leadership of his father Pirli Amanov. 

These awards are especially valuable, for the tournament hosts are the alumni of one of the world’s leading kickboxing schools. The international competitions in Kazakhstan traditionally bring together the sporting elite from different countries. So, the participation in such competitions is the good tournament practice. The fact that the Turkmen kick boxers obtained the right to mount the podium of honor confirms the high level of our sport masters and their coaches.    

Our sportsmen’s high result proved once again that the Turkmen kickboxing school is a good match for the worthy competition on the international arena. So, for example, throughout the 20-year history of the national kickboxing federation, the sportsmen of the Honored Coach of Turkmenistan A. Snagovsky, every year, replenish the country’s medal ‘box’ with the medals they at the largest tournaments of the planet. Last year, his trainees Kurban Bekkhanov and Shohrat Hallyev won gold and silver medals respectively at the last Asian Games in the Korean Inchon city.   

At present, Turkmen kick boxers started intensive preparations to another large international tournament of the “A” class – the “Diamond” World Cup tournament to be held in the city of Anapa (Russia) through September 23-28.  

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