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International success of Turkmen swimmers

13 August, 2014 (21:02)
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At the Turkey’s Open Swimming Championship held in Istanbul, our compatriots won 14 medals: 3 - gold, 5- silver and 6 - bronze ones.

The girls, who won three gold medals, showed the worthiest result. Two of them are the namesake Jennet and Delia Saryevs who won, respectively, in the distances of 50 and 100 meters by freestyle. At that, at the finish of both distances, they got ahead of each other and obtained two silver medals.

Keyik Velieva, who was the first one on the distance of 50 meters by breaststroke, won the third gold medal for our team. She became the holder of bronze medal on the 100-meter distance by freestyle. At that, in the second discipline, given the results of Jennet and Delia Saryevs, the entire podium remained occupied by Turkmen sportsmen.

Anton Shapovalov managed to win 3 medals – two silver ones ( 400 m by freestyle and 200 m by complex style) and one bronze medal (200 m by freestyle) in the men’s group of our participating compatriots.

The second and third places are in the active of Hemra Nurmyradov who was distinguished respectively on the distances of 50 and 100 m by breaststroke. Merdan Ataev obtained two bronze medals (50 and 100 m by backstroke), and Valentin Gorshkov (50 m by freestyle) won the bronze award. Worth of noting the results of Emil Rahmatullin who entered the five best sportsmen on the Open Championship of Turkey on the distances of 50 m by butterfly stroke and 100 m by backstroke.

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