Kickboxing is a martial art in which competitors wear gloves to throw punches and kick with their bare feet. A Japanese karateka first established an outline of Kickboxing by combining Karate and Muay. Kickboxing is contested in a ring and on a tatami (mat).

The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) supports seven different styles of Kickboxing, four of them are on the tatami and three are in the ring. 

It was during the 1950s that a Japanese Karateka named Tatsuo Yamada first established an outline of a new sport that combined Karate and Muaythai.
By the middle of the 1960s, the first official Kickboxing events were being held in Osaka before the sport expanded beyond Japan and had reached North America, Europe and later worldwide.
WAKO originated in Europe in 1976 and formulated the rules and regulations for the sport.

At Ashgabat 2017
There will be 15 medal events contested over four days at the Muaythai Kickboxing Arena from 23–26 September. There will be four categories which men and women will compete in: Full Contact, Low Kick, Kick Light and Point Fighting.

Full Contact
-57kg, -67kg, -75kg
Low Kick 
-51kg, -64.5kg, -71kg, 81kg
Kick Light
-69kg, -74kg
Point Fighting 
-69kg, -79kg

Full Contact 
Low Kick
Kick Light
Point Fighting

Competition Format
A direct elimination system will be followed in each style and category. All events will use three rounds of two minutes each with a one minute rest between rounds. 

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