Futsal is a variant of Football, which is the one of the fastest growing sport on the planet. The name Futsal is derived from the Spanish fútbol sala or fútbol de salón and from the Portuguese futebol de salão which can be commonly translated as Indoor Football.

Futsal is played between two teams of five players each on a flat pitch with 2m x 3m goals and a size four ball with a reduced bounce. It is played to touchlines, and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head-height. 

Games are 2 periods of 20 minutes each , played to a stopping clock with one time-out of one minute per team per period permitted. 

The top football clubs in the world (Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United) have a Futsal programme for their youth players in order to develop their foot skills and ability to think quickly under pressure. 

Futsal started in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani, a teacher in Uruguay, created a version of Indoor Football for recreation at YMCAs. 

The first World Championships were held in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1982, with the hosting Brazilian team crowned champions against Paraguay in front of an audience of 12,000 people. In 1985, the second Futsal World Cup was organised in Madrid, Spain, with Brazil winning again.

At Ashgabat 2017
There will be two Futsal medal events – one each for men and women – at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games contested over a 10 competition days at the Multifunctional Sport Venue from 16–26 September, with one rest day after the group phase on 22 September.

Competition format
The tournament will consist of a preliminary group stage followed by a knock-out through to the final.
17 Men teams will be divided up in to 4 groups consisting of 2 groups of 5 teams, 1 group of 4 teams and 1 group of 3 teams while the 7 Women teams will be divided up in to 1 group of 4 teams and 1 group of 3 teams.

Quick Facts

  • All the top clubs in the world (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, etc.) have their youth players playing futsal
  • All the world’s greatest players grew up playing futsal and recognize the game as a major reason for their foot skills and ability to think quickly under pressure. Pele, Maradona, Messi, Kaka, Xavi, Ronaldo, Robinho, Ronaldinho, and Fabregas are just some of the players that grew up playing futsal
  • The first Futsal World Championship was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1982, with Brazil finishing in first place

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