Belt wrestling

Belt Wrestling is one of the oldest traditional Wrestling sports, and it will appear on the programme of the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games for the first time at Ashgabat 2017. The aim for the participants is to try to throw each other over by wrestling with a belt hold.

In Belt Wrestling, the principal goal for men and women Wrestlers is to throw the opponent on their back (a pure victory) by using any of the holds that are allowed in the sport after the starting position is assumed.  

The techniques allowed are: throws and takedowns, simple or with twists, from a standing position using a two hand hold on the belt of the opponent. In the Classic style, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the opponent below the belt line, or to trip him or to use the legs actively on his opponent to perform any action, with the exception of the use of a bend leg (spring hip throw), when the opponent is in the air.

The duration of a regular bout per style is:
• Alysh – 3 minutes;
• Kazakh Kuresi – 5 minutes;
• Pahlavani - two periods of 3 minutes with a 30 second break;
• UWW Belt Wrestling – 3 minutes.

Each bout takes place on an octagonal mat, 12 metres by 12 metres. A marked circle measuring 9 metres in diametre is split into 2 zones. The dark blue central wrestling zone and the orange passivity zone.

Belt Wrestling dates back to the ancient civilisations in Mesopotamia. The sport is referred to in the famous “Epic of Gilgamesh” poem, written around 2000 BC about a Sumerian King who lived sometime between 2800 to 2600 BC. 

At Ashgabat 2017
At the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games – Ashgabat 2017, Belt Wrestling will be contested over five days at the Main Indoor Arena from 19-23 September. 

The competition will consist of 58 events including 34 categories for men and 24 categories for women.
Alysh (Classic & Freestyle)

-55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, +75kg
-60kg, -70kg, -80kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg

Kazakh Kuresi

-55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -80kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg


-70kg, -80kg, +90kg

UWW Belt Wrestling (Classic & Freestyle)

-50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg


-55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -80kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg

Competition format
For Alysh, and UWW Belt Wrestling style the competition will take a direct elimination system with no repechage and no bronze final (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bronze).

For Kazakh Kuresi and Pahlavani the competition will take a direct elimination system with any wrestlers who lose to a finalist at any point going into two repechage groups with bronze medals awarded to the two winners.

For all styles each weight category begins and ends in the same day.



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