The Olympic Complex monorail road connects sports and infrastructure facilities of the sports cluster

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A comfortable mode of transportation - the monorail road will run through the 54-hectare territory of the sports complex not interrupting surface and pedestrian traffic.

‘Mini-train’ will run along the 5.100-metre overhead road, which is fixed at the height of 6 to 20 metres. There are eight stations built along the track. Two bridges, which have adorned the architectural ensemble of the Turkmen capital, were erected at the place, where the monorail road crosses the Ataturk street. 

The train, which consists of four modules, designed for 75 passengers, can reach a maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour, but its cruising speed will not exceed 46 kilometres per hour. At this speed, the train will run along the road in 17 minutes. 

The construction of this unusual route was launched in June 2012. The monorails were manufactured at the Polimeks production facilities and the trains were supplied by the Intamin Swiss Company. Three trains, which can convey 810 passengers per hour can simultaneously run along the road. 

For the first time, the monorail will be one of the basic transportation means in the multifunctional sports cluster – the Ashgabat Olympic complex that will host the large-scale continental event - 2017Asian Games.